Friday and Saturday, 8pm Showtime - Day of Show Seating $12, Preferred Seating $14


Preferred seating is available for all shows. Tickets must be paid for no later than 24 hours before actual showtime. Preferred seating tickets can only be bought via the phone. Reservation hours are 12:00pm till showtime, Friday through Saturday. Preferred seating tickets purchased for Special Events are non-refundable. Preferred seating tickets for regular shows are exchangable if ticket office contacted no later than 4 hours before showtime. Exchanged tickets from regular shows are not good for Special Event shows. Coupons and special offers can not be used for Preferred seating tickets.

Will-call (non-paid) reservations are first-come, first-seated. They hold only a seat in the showroom, not a group of seats. Large groups must have all tickets purchased before entering the showroom to be seated together. Larger parties are encouraged to claim their tickets at least 45 minutes early to increase the likelihood of the entire group being sat together. We cannot hold seats for people who are not present. Reservations are held 15 minutes prior to showtime. If you are not in line 15 minutes before showtime we can not guarantee you a seat

Reservations made online with invalid email addresses will not be accepted. You may need to turn off your junk email filter to receive your confirmation email.


Once the show begins, please keep all table conversations down to a minimum (just like at a movie) so that everyone can enjoy the show. To insure the best show for everyone, we require all cell phones and pagers to be turned off once the show begins. Anyone causing a disruption will be asked to leave.


Please refrain from talking to the or interrupting the performers unless they specifically ask you a direct question. We reserve the right to eject anyone causing a disruption of the show by heckling or by excessive or loud table conversations.


All shows are 21 or over. You must bring a valid Driver's License, State ID, or Military ID to be admitted.

All shows are Non-Smoking.

Drinks are not included in the ticket price.

No photography or recording is allowed in the showroom without the expressed permission of the artist and theatre management

Please call the Box Office [(352) 368-5653] if you have special seating requirements such as handicapped, site/hearing impaired, pregnant, etc.